Complete Visibility
and Protection
of Applications

CIX Software is a cyber security company that delivers products to protect critical applications
and infrastructure in real-time.

With over 100+ years of combined experience at the top global investment banks and e-commerce companies, the CIX Software team has experienced first-hand the remediation of cyber-breaches. BUSHIDO was created to deliver unprecendented visibility and protection to enterprise applications from the inside out.

Founders Sameer Malhotra and Nazario Parsacala have worked together for the last 18 years in product development, security engineering and infrastructure management at the top 3 global investment banks. The team has published multiple patents in the space and has a proven track record on delivery.

Leadership Team

Sameer Malhotra


As the founder and CEO of CIX Software, Sameer is responsible for bringing to market products that reduce the threat surface area with application behavioral analytics and real-time application self-protection. Prior to CIX, Sameer spent 22 years developing technology and solutions at top global financial institutions. He is widely recognized for his extensive and in-depth knowledge of infrastructure and security, and owns multiple patents in the field.

Nazario Parsacala


Nazario brings more than 20 years of system engineering, security and development experience as co-founder and CTO of CIX Software. Nazario is responsible for CIX’s technology vision, platform architecture and development. Prior to CIX, Nazario worked at top Global Investment Banks and Fortune 100 companies serving as the Chief Architect/Designer and managing global development teams in Technology Core Platform Engineering, Domain Engineering and Global Services Engineering.

Marvin Josif

Vice President, Customer Success

With more than 25 years’ experience, Marvin brings to CIX strong expertise in operational management, business development and customer success as well as solutions planning and delivery of enterprise software. As Vice President of Customer Success and Professional Services for CIX Marvin oversees all customer engagements, implementation and ongoing support on a global basis.

Wenchung Shang

Vice President, Engineering

As Vice President of Engineering, Shang leads the team that delivers CIX’s products. Prior to CIX, Shang was Vice President of Application Support and Architecture at IAC. During his 26-year career in System engineering, architect and business intelligence, Shang was responsible for building and managing some of the most complex infrastructures in the world, developing next generation data warehouse products and architecting webmail platforms.

Deepak Khanduri

Vice President, Corporate Operations

Deepak brings a wealth of experience to the CIX management team. Prior to CIX, Deepak was instrumental in building several successful companies from inception to acquisition. He was also specifically involved in talent acquisition and people management with vision to foster a collaborative environment and was responsible for extending world-class partnerships. As Vice President of Corporate Operations, Deepak oversees Financial, HR and Administrative Operations functions for CIX.

Leadership Team

We are looking for innovative thinkers from diverse backgrounds to redefine cyber security.